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PC Clean Maestro

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Over time, our PC tends to accumulate useless files that can compromise our privacy and safety online, such as temporary files, remains of uninstalled programs, and so on. This program helps you to get rid of these files in a simple way to improve your system's performance. It has a nice interface that lets you clean your system with a single click. The program has several default settings regarding the files it can delete, but you can adjust them to fit your needs.

The application also has other useful functions. One of them is a program uninstaller which claims to totally remove any given program. This feature shows a list of all your installed programs, as well as those you have installed recently, those that you use very seldom, and those that occupy a large disk space.

Another of its functions shows all the toolbars and plugins of your browser(s), and lets you enable, disable, or uninstall any of them.

The program can be set to schedule a scanning process at a preset day and hour. Also, you can set the type of scan you want to be performed (security, privacy, and/or junk).

Maybe the only thing that this program lacks is a file shredder, which would be a nice addition. The freeware version only lets you clean the junk files, but not your personal information, private data, and other sensitive information. If you want to get rid of these limitations, you will need to purchase a license.

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  • A file shredder woud be a welcome addition
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