PC Clean Maestro

PC Clean Maestro 8.0

Scan your system to detect and delete junk and unused files with this program

This program lets you scan your system in search of junk and unused files and to choose which of them you want to delete. It has a nice and intuitive interface that anybody can use. At start, the program shows the Clean panel, which lets you scan your system to search junk and other unused files. This feature works fast and detects three file categories: Personal security, including identity information that can be stolen by hackers; Privacy, which includes instant messaging, multimedia and installation history, and Junk, including logs, temporary files and those in the recycle bin. You can customize the search in these options by checking or unchecking additional items in each category. This option works fast and is supposed to optimize your system's performance.

ANother option that may be interesting is the Uninstall feature. Unfortunately, I couldn't test it because it froze during the test. It may have been an issue with my computer, but it also may be a problem with the program itself.

The program also lets you turn on or off easily your browser(s) plugins, toolbars and ActiveX complements.

A disadvantage is that the shareware version only allows you to delete junk files, but not other unused files detected. This prevents to fully test the program's capabilities. If you combine this with the cost of the program, which is not very affordable, then you may want to try other options.

Victor Hernandez
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  • Nice interface
  • Works fast
  • It includes an uninstalling feature


  • It froze when testing the unistaller
  • The shareware version only allows you to delete junk files.This does not allow to test the program's full capabilites
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